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PDAcalc matrix (Palm OS) 1.67

PDAcalc matrix (Palm OS) 1.67

PDAcalc matrix (Palm OS) Publisher's Description

Use this calculator for your basic and linear algebra calculations. Using matrices allows you to perform far more powerful calculations with less instructions. Instead of using one value at the time use a matrix or vector containing hundreds of values.

Introductory discount 15%

  • Uses same syntax as high-end mathematical programs like matlab.
  • Matrix calculations
    No tables or different screens to enter the elements of a matrix.
  • Autoscaling
    x=[-4:0.1:4]; % Creates a vector of values from -4 till 4
    plot(x,x.^2)   % Plot these values versus x^2
  • Logarithmic scaling
    Logarithmic scaling for the x-axis and the y-axis.
  • Solve linear equations
    [2 3;1 -1]\[14;-3] % Solves for 2*x+3*y=14 and x-y=-3
  • Multiply and divide polynomials
    conv([1 -1 6 3],[7 4]) % Multiplies (x^3-x^2+6x+3)*(7x-4)
  • Roots function
    roots([1 -1.43 0.49]) % Finds the roots of x^2-1.43x+0.49
  • Complex numbers
    t=[0:0.1:2*pi];  % Create a vector of values from 0 till 2pi
  • plot(exp(1j*t)) % These short instructions will plot a circle using an matrix containing complex numbers.
  • Solve higher order differential equations
    A 'spring damper' example is included in the mechanical category of the build-in database.
  • Build-in matrix functions
    Eigen values - Singular value decomposition - LU - QR - KRON - magic - pascal etc.
    Click here for a list of build-in functions
  • Create your own keypad
    Select a special keypad for matrix calculations, basic calculations, scientific calculations or just define your own keypad with your own buttons for your own needs. Buttons on keypad will resize automatically.
  • Built-in database to store your own scripts
    Store your scripts in different categories for easy access.
    Several example scripts are included.
  • Color-coded debug screen
    If there is an error in your script the line number at which the error occurs will be replaced by 'err' making debugging scripts very quick and easy.
  • Growing list of FREE user scripts
    Click here for a list of free user scripts
  • Online discussion forum
    Visit our online discussion forum for the latest information.

A windows version is also available. Use the windows version to create and debug your scripts and just press the hotsync button to synchronize your scripts with your palm.

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